• IMBA - International Master in Business Administration

IMBA – International Master in Business Administration

This program is designed to develop and fine-tune the skills you will rely upon throughout your careers: communication, teamwork, reporting, analytics, public speaking, entrepreneurship, etc.

SPECIALTIES: Digital Business, Fashion Management


Target audience:

The International MBA is targeted at university graduates who are looking for in-depth preparation for the job market or who are planning to take up management positions and need to articulate structured concepts around the various organizational processes and areas in order to develop and hone the management skills and leadership criteria needed to take ‘strategic decisions in competitive environments’.


– Blended

– Duration: 9 months

– Starting date: November


Work Practice:

International MBA students are offered the chance to do work practice at companies at the end of their studies as yet another part of their Esden Business School experience.

To this end, Esden Business School has a dedicated Work Experience and Job Exchange Department which will analyze your interests in order to offer the best match in terms of work practice. These assignments last between three and six months and constitute a highly-recommended way of putting the knowledge acquired during the academic program into practice.



  1. Financial Management I: CORE FINANCE
  2. Financial Management II: CORPORATE FINANCE
  1. Marketing
  2. Sales Management
  1. Human behavior in the organizational context
  2. People management
  1. Decision-making analysis
  2. Operations management
  1. IT Management
  2. Innovation and know-how management
  1. Strategic analysis
  1. London School of Economics (LSE)
  2. Istituto Marangoni
  1. Starting your own business


You will also have the chance to specialize in one of the following two specialty streams:

  • Digital Business
  • Fashion Management

Approach & Methodology

This is a full-time program which makes extensive use of the case study method. Direct contact with our expert professionals is undeniably a means of channeling experience and proves highly didactic. In order to make the most of the in-person lectures, students must study the documentation given to them before class so that they can attend their lectures having already acquired the related knowledge.

International Immersion Weeks


All International MBA students specializing in Digital Business will attend an international week-long session at the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the world’s most renowned universities in the field of economic science and executive training, as part for their academic programs. This week of immersion takes place at the end of the academic year and is taught by prestigious LSE professors. The academic content is rounded out with visits to leading companies based in the City.

The tentative program line-up is as follows*:

  • Session 1   EU budget
  • Session 2   The future of the EU
  • Session 3   Global financial markets: institutions and governance
  • Session 4   Financial interlinkage and contagion
  • Session 5   Visit to Bloomberg
  • Session 6   World economic outlook in the current crisis
  • Session 7   Trade and competitiveness in business
  • Session 8   The trade game and lessons for world trade
  • Session 9   International marketing: a strategic approach
  • Session 10  Communicating with investors

Week at the Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion IN MILAN

Students choosing to specialize in Fashion Management will take part in the Global Immersion Week at Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion in Milan thanks to an academic collaboration agreement between Esden Business School and this prestigious institution. During this week-long stint, students will benefit from a program specially designed for them on fashion production and luxury brand strategies with the following objectives:

  • Enabling you to identify and manage the critical factors of designing, planning, developing and producing a fashion collection
  • Enabling you to assess how to offer the most value to targeted customers by means of fashion design and luxury organizations and how to draw up specific marketing strategies and programs

You will also be given the chance to go coolhunting around Milan in the company of teachers considered expert in the field.

The tentative program line-up is as follows*:

  • Lesson 1   Researching fashion trends  
  • Lesson 2   Coolhunting  
  • Lesson 3   Fibres, tradition and innovation  
  • Lesson 4   Fabrics  
  • Lesson 5   Texiles enrichment  
  • Lesson 6   Fashion Collection  
  • Lesson 7   Developing a Fashion Collection  
  • Lesson 8   Panel boards preparation 
  • Lesson 9   Collection Timing and Structure
  • Lesson 10 Collection Sampling and alterations with timing and cost chart
  • Lesson 11 En-depht product analysis
  • Lesson 12  Product overview within collection


The faculty is made up of renowned, practicing professionals with proven skills teaching and transmitting learning.

Employees, consultants and directors of sector-leading international companies such as Electrolux, Detector, El Corte Inglés, Campofrio, Shiseido-L´Oréal, UBS, CaixaBank and Havas Media, among others.

Academic Qualification

Those who successfully pass the various hurdles throughout the program and make the most of all the services on offer to students during their time at Esden Business School will give their CVs new life and find themselves in the ideal position for looking for work:

  • International MBA degree
  • Degree in the specialty chosen
  • Certificate from the London School of Economics and Political Science or Istituto Marangoni of Milan (depending on the specialty chosen)
  • 3-6 months of work practice at leading companies
  • Upgraded professional skills thanks to the personalized coaching program
  • A network of international professional contacts

Admissions Process

>1. Application form > 2. Interview > 3. Admissions Board > 4. Decision > 5. Enrolment

Financing and Scholarships

A post-graduate degree is one of the best investments you can make from a career and personal perspective. At Esden Business School we don’t want tuition fees to be an obstacle, which is why we operate a sizeable program which grants and manages over €1 million of scholarships. We have also secured agreements with financial institutions and government organisms with a view to offering preferential financing terms.

Esden Business School runs a Permanent Scholarship Program within the school and also manages scholarships made available by affiliate companies and non-profit organizations (foundations, public bodies, etc.).

The Permanent Scholarship Program is articulated around the following specific scholarships:

  • Scholarships for academic excellence: these scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, specifically candidates’ academic records from their undergraduate degree/diploma courses
  • Professional track record scholarships: these scholarships are awarded on the basis of candidates’ careers as well as their skills and talent leading teams and projects
  • Entrepreneurship scholarships: these scholarships are awarded to candidates who have recently started up a business (start-up of three years or less) or have a very advanced business plan for a start-up for which all the legal prerequisites are already in place
  • Unemployment scholarship: scholarships for unemployed candidates aged over 26 (subject to the ability to present supporting documentation issued by the corresponding social security administration)


Scholarship applications should be submitted in parallel with the program application form and in any event before the course begins.

The Scholarship Committee meets weekly. Although it may request additional information from the applicant, the Committee usually takes its decision within a period of 7 to 10 days.
The Scholarship Program changes from year to year; however Esden Business School does directly manage and offer a permanent fund to which anyone can apply.


Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee which bases its decisions on well-substantiated application forms underpinned by merit-worthy academic records and, of course, applicants’ economic and financial circumstances.

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