Gina Bowman, Director of Australia, Gedeth Network, will give on Thursday, January 25 the presentation: “Problem solving: control or creativity? Managing projects in a complex world”. It will take place at our Madrid Campus (Ponzano, 87).

Gina has over 20 years experience as a communications and marketing strategist working across the commercial, government and creative industries in Australia and the UK. She is now based in Madrid assisting companies to develop their trade competencies to access international markets. She has a Master of Project Management from The University of Sydney, and an undergraduate degree in Communications.


Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creativity have been identified as the three most important skills for the global workforce in 2020 and beyond. This reflects the complexity and constant change that now characterises the global economy. In addition the globalisation of companies, products and services has networked our relationships, and also our problems, into a tangled international web.

It is within this environment of uncertainty that most international projects operate today. So, how do we solve problems in these complex environments?  We need to apply complexity thinking to understand the operational context of our projects. Many current management methodologies were shaped by thinking from the Industrial age using ‘control based’ approaches. However, we need to move away from control and embrace creativity, applying flexible and adaptive management processes to help us to solve the stubborn problems of the future.

In this talk Gina will discuss the latest ideas on managing international projects for the future including the benefits of adopting creative skills and processes such as design thinking and storytelling.

“Problem solving: control or creativity? Managing projects in a complex world”

Thursday, January 18

Madrid Campus (Ponzano, 87).

From 7.30 to 9.00 pm

Places are limited and it is necessary to register for the event in advance.

To reserve a place, click here.

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